Is it possible to connect to PostgreSQL database located on Amazon Aurora in DBConvert tools?

Yes, we support connection to PostgreSQL databases on Amazon Aurora.

Firstly login to your AWS Account and create a PostgreSQL db on Amazon Aurora.

After logging in click on 'Databases' in Amazon RDS list and in the appeared pginstance-cluster choose the database you need to work with.


After these actions, the information for connection will show up.


Copy and Paste Endpoint in 'Hostname' and Post numbers in 'Port' in GUI-Interface of our software at the appropriate Source or Destination stage. Click button 'Test connection' to check the connection.


Then type the name of the database you'd like to convert in 'Database' combo box. Or press button 'Refresh' to see all existing PostgreSQL databases available on your PostgreSQL Amazon Aurora. Choose the needed one.

After database selection, select the suitable schema for this database in 'Schema' combo box.

Click Next button to continue.


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