Is your tool compatible with Linux?

All our tools are designed for the work and running on Windows. However, they can be used on Linux.

To allow Windows applications to be installed on the Linux platform use WINE application. This is the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer for running different Windows applications on Linux-based OSs.


In our example we used Ubuntu OS

1. Go to Ubuntu Software Center

 2. Search for WINE, click the WINE entry and then click Install

NOTE: You can always install WINE by going to

Install WINE version corresponding the version of Linux you are running.


3. Download the desired software from our website and Find it in your Downloads

4. Extract the installation files to the needed folder

5. Click .exe file to Install our tool and walk through the installation process


6. After this, go to your panel menu or start menu or desktop to run the program

7. Open it and Enjoy our tool

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