I have a lot of tables in my Source database. But I don’t need to transfer all tables. How to move only necessary ones?

Most databases store a lot of data that is collected over time. It often happens that it needs to transfer only less than half objects form the huge Source database.  

Previously, our product spent some time to read the Source database structure/schema information before coming to the next stage. But customers are not always willing to wait.  

To enhance the product speed, we created a new feature allowing to transfer only needed tables. This feature saves conversion time for you, since in this case the reading of database elements takes place in a matter of seconds, so the users enjoy the benefit in speed and efficiency.

After selecting the Source database and pressing “Next” button, “Selected tables ” dialog is appeared.

By default, all tables are selected. Click “Ok” button if you need to convert all Database. Or uncheck the unnecessary tables and click “Ok” button.

If you decide to undo everything and click “Cancel” button, the program will return to the Source stage.

When you access Execution stage, only those tables are selected for the conversion which were checked previously in the “Selected tables” dialog.

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