Excel Database Configuration

When you choose MS Excel file and click "Config" button "Database structure configuration" window appears. Here you can define new tables selecting sheets and columns or configure existing ones.

Click button to create new table from MS Excel database pre-selecting the necessary cells.

Note: If you didn't select a range of cells for the table creation this message will appear.

All created tables are displayed in the right panel.



  • 1. Check “Skip empty rows” checkbox to skip rows that do not contain any data.
  • 2. Check “First row contains field names” checkbox if the Excel sheet contains field names at the first row of the range specified.
  • 3. To delete the tables select a table to be deleted and click on the button. Immediately the selected table will be deleted.

But if you need to delete all tables just click on the button without selecting any table.

  • 4. For the tables’ edition, select required table in the right panel and in the "Table properties" you can configure how this table should look in a source base. For example, you can rename a table and change its data range.


Please note: If you are already selected a table range, you can always change it stretching tables selection manually.

Click "Ok" button to save the settings.

Here you can also change the data type for each field in a target sheet.

Choose the field in which you want to set data type. All information about this field is reproduced in the "Field type" edit box. In the drop-down list select the new data type that you need.

All changes to the data mapping are saved automatically as soon as they are made.


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