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One of the most influential and widely spread open source database applications that manipulates large databases and can be accessed over the Web is MySQL database server. 

MySQL runs as a service providing multiple user access to several databases. MySQL is popular for web applications and operates with the database elements for the platforms (Linux/BSD/Mac/Windows). 

MySQL popularity for use with web applications is closely associated to the popularity of PHP programming language which is often used along with MySQL. Many high-traffic web sites use MySQL as the backend for its data warehouse. MySQL is very popular with startup companies, small or medium businesses and projects because it can be easy to use at a low cost. In case when high speed reads are applied for web, gaming and medium or small data storages MySQL surpasses all the other database management systems.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server designed to create web, enterprise, and desktop database systems. It is used with various goals and at different levels. 

MS SQL Server allows you to store large amount of data which handles components like video, photographs, numbers, text, and much more. Microsoft SQL Server is developed to manage terra bytes of data in comparison with Microsoft Access that can handle only 1 gigabyte of data. 

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Oracle is one of the leading commercial SQL relational database management systems. It is available in a variety of configurations from small personal versions to fail-safe, enterprise-class versions. 

Oracle offers lots of feature and functionality for solving complicated problems that's why it excels in Fortune 100, medium and large enterprise business applications and warehouses. This powerful system requires lots of deep knowledge and skill to handle large environments. 

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PostgreSQL is a relational DBMS that many web application developers prefer as the back-end data management component. It's principally used by many distinguished organizations applying it for mission critical or wide-ranging applications. The .info and .org domain name registries use it as their primary data store, so do many financial institutions and large companies. 

Although PostgreSQL is not the right choice for every project but its advanced feature set and key advantages such as open source community support, very low deployment cost, and easy administration make it the great choice for those who use it for database driven website development. 

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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Access combines software development tools and the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with easy-to-use GUI. 

MS Access is an ideal solution for start level users as they have the ability to create database structures and relations. 

MS Access can be used by small businesses, within branches of large corporations, and by pastime programmers to design special customized desktop systems for manipulating the creation and management of data. 

Microsoft Access databases have certainly become very popular due to its key advantage to build a software system to manage a range of services very quickly. 

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SQLite is a small C library that performs a standalone, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. This database engine provides a rapid and easy method to work with flat file databases. The SQLite engine is not a self-contained process with which the program connects. Unlike server database management systems, the SQLite is an integral part of the program. 

SQLite is an ideal solution in situations where implementation, maintenance, and simplicity of administration are more significant than the innumerable complex features that enterprise database engines provide. 

SQLite database is an alternative solution instead of fopen() to write XML or some proprietary format into disk files used by your application. SQLite is a right choice as the database for small and mid-sized websites. Usage of SQLite as the database engine in MP3 players, cellphones, PDAs, and other electronic gadgets is also a reasonable decision. SQLite is often used as a substitute for an enterprise RDBMS for displaying purposes or for testing. 

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Firebird is a fully featured and powerful RDBMS despite of its installer size. It can manipulate databases from only a few kilobytes to many gigabytes with good execution and almost free support. It's equally suitable both for commercial and open source applications. 

Firebird's ability to run completely automated without any administrative necessity makes it ideal for distributing databases and applications. It offers practically every common feature accessible in high-performance databases without any significant influence on accomplishment and able to operate well with such open-source tools as PHP and Perl. 

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Microsoft Visual FoxPro, generally abbreviated as VFP, is closely integrated with its own relational database engine, which broadens FoxPro's xBase capabilities to maintain SQL inquiry and data manipulation. Unlike most DBMSs, Visual FoxPro is a full-function, dynamic programming language that does not demand the use of an additional universal programming environment. It can be used to write not just conventional "thick client" applications, but also web application programs and middleware. Since 2007 Microsoft renounced updating FoxPro therefore recently data is usually converted in one-way direction from FoxPro into the other DBMSs. 

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