Dump files, PHP scripts and MS Visual FoxPro Program files.

Dump Files.

Dump file is a text file containing all necessary SQL queries which can be executed on database server. Dumps are useful in case of there is no direct access connection to a server. 

Dump files may be generated by DBConvert software for the following databases:

  • MS SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Oracle;
  • Firebird;
  • DB2;

You can run MS SQL Dump generated by DBConvert using the following utilities:

  • "Query Analyzer" for MS SQL server 2000; 
  • "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" for MS SQL server 2005. 

You can import MySQL Dump into existing MySQL database as follows:

  • For Windows: 
    mysql.exe --host=... --user=... --password=... -vvf {MySQL database name} < {dump file name}
  • For Unix
    mysql -h -p -u myusername < dumpfile

PostgreSQL Dump may be imported into existing PostgreSQL database as follows:

psql -h hostname -U username -d {PostgreSQL database name} < {dump file name}

Ability to store data into a dump file is the best way to present deferred conversion and gain more control over the conversion process. The program fixes the contents of the source database into a local dump file instead of sending it directly to  db server. The destination file will consist of SQL statements to create all tables and to populate them with the data. 

MySQL/ PostgreSQL PHP script.

PHP script is similar to dump files and allows you to upload all necessary data to MySQL / PostgreSQL server.

In case you have got no direct access to a MySQL / PostgreSQL database there is an opportunity  to save your data as PHP Script file. This way you can add your data to your database even if direct access is restricted to your DB Server.

Generated PHP Script have to be copied and  executed on the server containing target database. 

MS Visual FoxPro Program file

MS Visual FoxPro Program is a text file written on the FoxPro internal language for database creation. 

You can run FoxPro Program file in two ways: 

  • In MS Visual FoxPro command window type DO file_name. 


DO d:\projects\dataconversions\tests\dumps_foxpro\manydumps.prg 

  • Open required file using the following steps: 
  1. From menu bar select File->Open 
  2. Choose required file and execute it using Program->Do

Or hit Ctrl + D key combination and your database will be created.


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