SSH and SSL support.


Secure Shell protocol (SSH) provides secure way of transferring information between remote computers using encryption. 

To activate SSH settings check "Use SSH" checkbox.

To access a remote computer securely, specify host, port, SSH version (SSH1 or SSH2), initial method (both, password or public key), your login and password, private key and key password (if needed). SSH uses one open (public key) and one secret key (private key). 

After defining server connections, specify local port setting for SSH forwarding.


The same actions are performed for SSH connection in the DBConvert Studio. Click on SSH Tab to configure SSH settings:


Click on ''Test connection'' to check the connection. If connection is successful the appropriate message is appeared.  



Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over the Internet. 

To activate SSL settings check "Use SSL" checkbox. 

To provide communications over the Internet securely, specify CA Certificate and Cipher.

In case you need to use Authentication check the corresponding checkbox and specify Client Certificate and Client Key.

Here is PuTTY configuration manual for DBConvert products 

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