Customization stage invites you to view the chosen destination in details. Here you can select target database objects and make extra changes. By default all database tables, fields and indexes are checked with a tick showing that all these objects will be converted. In case you don't need to convert some of them uncheck the appropriate check boxes in front of objects.

Every time you click on a database object located in the left panel you can view additional options to change specific for this object in the right panel.

Options are configurable for all database elements including Database Options, Tables Options (common for all tables), Table Options (for a particular table), Field Options, Index Options and Foreign Keys Options.

All possible issues that you can face during the conversion are automatically detected and special explicative messages are displayed below the destination tree. Possible problems are enlightened in Errors and Warnings section.

Find More information about available options in sections listed below:

Database Options
Tables Options
Table Options
Field Options
Index and Foreign Keys Options

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