Tables Options

When you click on Tables node you can configure "Tables options" which is displayed in the right panel.

Tables Options  will be applied globally to all subsidiary tables contained in the current database.

For MySQL server as a target you  can specify Table engine type: InnoDB, MyISAM, HEAP or BDB. Character set selection is also available.

The following options are available:

  • Copy structure - if set, database structure will be copied or modified to the destination database.
    • If "Copy structure" checkbox is checked you can choose the options below.
    • Copy indexes - if set indexes will be copied
    • Copy foreign keys - if set foreign keys will be copied
    • Overwrite existing tables - if tables already exist in the database they will be overwritten. Example: In source base we have fields named Table1, Table2 and Table3. In destination base we have fields named Table1, Table3 and Table4. In case you choose "Overwrite existing tables" option the tables in destination base named Table1 and Table3 will be deleted and replaced with tables from source base named Table1 and Table3. Table4 will remain untouched. 

    • Modify existing fields type - (available only if the previous options are not checked) - if you choose this option, type of the fields from source database will be given to the fields with the same name in destination base (this will cause previous field type to be lost).
    • Modify existing indexes - (available only if "Overwrite existing fields" option is not checked) - In case an index in source table differs from an index in destination table the "destination" index will be replaced with the "source" index.
    • Modify existing foreign keys - (available only if "Overwrite existing fields" option is not checked) - In case a foreign key in source table differs from a foreign key in destination table the "destination" foreign key will be replaced with the "source" foreign key.
  • Copy data - if set, database data will be copied to the destination database.

For DBSync Series only.

If "Copy data" check box is checked you can choose the options below:

Insert sync - If checked "Insert-synchronization" will take place. The program will only add records from a source to a destination if there are no identical records in the destination db (a synchronization relying only on "INSERT"-statements).

Update sync - If checked "Update-synchronization" is applied. This "update'-statements based synchronization will replace the altered records.

Drop sync - If checked "Drop-synchronization", the program will only delete records in the destination that have been deleted in the source.

NOTE: All checkboxes are checked by default because these three options allow you to accomplish complex synchronization. In case you don't need some type of synching to be presented uncheck the appropriate checkbox. Read more information about three types of synchronization.

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