Getting started

Universal user manual for DBConvert/ DBSync products  will guide you through several steps needed to perform cross database migration and synchronization fast and error-free. You will find here everything you need to know about all DBConvert software.
The manual contains a large number of help topics and illustrations to make every step of the process comprehensible down to the smallest step.

GUI Mode. 

At the beginning you will see the introduction screen which gives you a brief overview of DBConvert product. Click the "Next" button and you will be taken to the actual application stages.

Command line mode.

C:\Program Files\DBConvert\MSSQL2MySQLPro\MSSQL2MySQLPro_Cons.exe /Session:"Session Name"
where /Session:"Session name" parameter defines what session should be used.
Session keeps an information about source and target database connections and encrypted passwords for access them. Other settings like chosen objects, tables, relations are also stored in session files. So you don't need to adjust parameters for migration process every time you start a program.

/? parameter prompts command line help info.


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