How to convert entire Excel file to MySQL/ MS SQL Server?

By default, each Excel sheet from a source Excel file will be copied into a separate MySQL/ MS SQL table automatically.

For example, your Excel file has three sheets and each sheet has some data:

1st sheet:

Another 2 sheets contain the similar data.


Your Excel sheets will be transferred to MS SQL/ MySQL in few steps:

  1. Firstly choose an Excel file as a Source:

Click “Next” button to go to the Destination stage.

  2. In our example we choose MySQL server as a target. It works in similar way for MS SQL Server. So, at the Destination step type the name of database you want to create on MySQL server and all required information to connect to your MySQL:

Click “Next” button.

 3. At the Customization stage, in the configurable tree-view you can visualize the database that will be created after conversion process. As you can see each Excel sheet is transferred to separate MySQL table. 

At this stage you can change some parameters or just click “Next” button to continue.

  4. Press “Commit” button at the Execution stage to start the export process.

After the process is finished you will get converted data in MySQL database with 3 tables .

 Opening each MySQL table you will find there the relevant data of each MS Excel sheet.

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