How to move data from one Source table to multiple Destination tables using DBConvert tools?

We’ll show you how to do this based on the following example:

For instance, in the Source database we have 1 “Contact” table with the following fields:

id: 1
f_name: phill
l_name: norman
address_1: 52 st.
address_2: 2 av.



And we need to insert data from one this Source table into three Destination tables - “Address”, “Contact” and “Contact Details”.

Address Table
id: 1
address_1: 52 st.
address_2: 2 av.

Contact Table
id: 1
first_name: phill
last_name: norman

Contact Details Table
contact_id: 1
address_id: 1


To implement our scenario the first thing we need to do is create tables with same names and with SIMILAR structures in the Source database.

As “Contact” table already exists there, we’ll create only “Address” and “Contact Details” tables. Don't forget that the structures of these Source tables must be identical to the structures of Destination tables.


After that, in our tool we apply filter to each of these tables in the Source db, selecting the data that we want to see in the corresponding table in the Destination.



If the names of the fields in both databases are different, we need to reassign them:

  • Click on the particular field to view all information about it.
  • In "Source field info" group, there is a name that this field has in Source database.
  • In the "New field info" we rename this field as it will be called in a resultant database. New name can be typed or selected from the drop-down list.


More info about field options you can find here.

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