What is Batch file and can I use it for DBConvert products?

A batch file (.BAT) is a text file which may be executed, containing a list of commands to perform. Terminal application reads that scenario and executes programs and/or other command files consecutively. Batch files allow automating routine and frequently executable operations.

Read more information about batch files at Our tools can use standard .bat files created either automatically by our built-in scheduler or manually with any text editor.

Here is a batch file sample:
rem File:MSSQL2MySQLPro_Cons.exe 
rem Session:New session [26.02.2013 15.16.29]
rem -------------------------------------------------------
"C:\Program Files\DBConvert\MSSQL2MySQLPro\MSSQL2MySQLPro_Cons.exe" /Session:"New session [26.02.2013 15.16.29]"
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