DBConvert, DBSync, Studio tools: what are the general differences?

The manual data migration process is a time-consuming difficult job that is also very prone to errors at a destination after transferring of data. Our cross database Conversion and sync tools assist to convert and replicate your data between various types of databases effortlessly and rapidly. They keep your data integrity, database structures, the relations between tables and map data types.

Converters (DBConvert products) perform data migration in the direction from source database to destination DB. At the destination stage there is an option to choose Dump or PHP script, whereupon a DBConvert creates files containing database information for further indirect data uploading to a server. This detour is quite necessary for those who are restricted in direct access to a server for some reason.

Bulk insert option available for converter tools increases the speed of data migration. Tests show that the speed reaches 1 Million records and more per 5-10 minutes.

Views/ queries conversion is available in Converters only and there is no such option for sync tools.

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Synchronizers (DBSync tools) mostly specialise in cross-database synchronization. Software compares values of records between source and target databases. Combining of Insert, Update, and Drop sync options helps to make all table data identical for both source and destination.

DBSync software requires having direct access to both source and target databases.

Trigger based instant sync feature should be considered if your task is to replicate changed data to target database immediately after source database altered.

Comparative overview of conversion and synchronization tools.




DBConvert Studio

Saving data to local dump file  
Saving data to PHP script file  
Built-in scheduler  
SSH / SSL support  
Trigger-based instant synchronization  
Queries conversion  
Bulk insert support  
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