Bulk Insert and Quantization options.

To speed up migration/ synchronization process for large databases or for rational memory consumption Bulk Insert and Quantization features have been implemented. You can turn them on and off at the customization stage.

If your data migration process is time-critical, it takes less time to convert data with checked Bulk Insert option. Bulk Insert feature inserts bunch of several records to a target database at a time that speeds up a whole database migration significantly.

With checked Quantization option our converters/ sync apps handle large tables with Million of rows more efficiently and the memory usage is not rising too high. Programs read a source database, splits the whole record into portions to upload them in course to a destination database.
Try to use quantization option if you met the following memory issues while converting/ sync data.
            "Timeout Expired" error.
            “Out of memory for query result” error.
            “Query Result Set too Large” error.


-Pay an attention that Sync tools do not support Bulk Insert. Converters support both Quantization and Bulk Insert options.

-The dbs structures should contain an Unique or Primary index, not a composite one. 


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