How to synchronize databases in two directions?

There are two types of bidirectional sync for the moment: non-simultaneous and simultaneous.

  • Non-simultaneous both-way synchronization enables to replicate data firstly from source to destination (for example, from MS SQL to MySQL), then in the reverse direction. The synching process can be performed in one-way direction with the addition of missing records in destination database (Insert type of sync) or with the replacement of records changed in source database (Update type of sync). In this case for bidirectional synchronization you should create 2 sessions performed in sequence from A to B and backwards.
  • Simultaneous bi-directional synchronization allows updating both databases (source and destination) at the same time with no need for creating 2 sessions.

NOTE: It is available only in tools with trigger-based synchronization method with the “Bidirectional sync” option checked at the Customization stage.

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