How to configure DBConvert/ DBSync software for processing large tables efficiently?

Bulk Insert and Quantization features assist performing big database migration efficiently and quickly.

In general, to convert or sync big-sized tables there are 3 scenarios depending on your needs:

  • 'Quantization' option is intended for transferring big tables with millions of records and reduces memory consumption. The whole record set is divided into several subsets. However, it requires more time than the regular conversion / synhcronization process.
  • 'Bulk insert' database option significantly accelerates conversion / sync speed for big tables if you are pressed for time. But this feature requires the size of memory similar to the standard conversion settings.
  • Use the 'Bulk insert' option together with the Data Filtering feature . It is the most recommended solution for a speedy conversion of large tables despite the need of creating a few sessions to perform it. Set a range of data by means of filtering (e.g., from 1 to 20 000 records) and then check 'Bulk insert'. It will make the size of distributed memory smaller in comparison with the size described in the 2nd scenario.

Read more information about Quantization and Bulk Insert features

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